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What if…? (developer version)

October 29, 2022

What if software/web development wasn’t what it is presently.

Personnal thinking about another software development world.

What if OSI model were compound from 3 layers (no TCP/IP)?

What if Garbage collector does not exists?

What if AI (Artificial Intelligence) were AD (Artificial dumb)?

What if NodeJS were created before PHP?

What if typing does not exists?

What if each developer must write code in her mother language?

What if only 2 programming languages exists?

- What if there was one programming language that you could use to write an entire project rather than having to use multiple languages?


What if you could use your imagination to create a website?

What if open-source ecosytem wasn’t exists?

What if world wide web does not exists?

What if web were created in 19th century?

What if TOR exists during WW2?

What if personnal data weren’t important for businesses?

What if Alice and Bob were maried?

In 2000, after more than 23 years together and fired up by surviving the Year 2000 problem, Eve heard that Alice and Bob decided to get married. Eve knew that her best friend Mallory always secretly loved Bob, so she decided to tell her on IRC. Mallory, completely upset about this news, tried to stop this marriage by asking Craig to crack Bob’s charms. But the first of January 2001, Grace, as a government representative, seal the union between Alice and Bob, despite the warns Walter (Mallory’s brother) tells to Alice. They exchange theirs private key, they got married and lived happily ever after.

What if Alan Turing was named Alan Tuning?

Alan Tuning invented Car tuning. A gray day, he finds his car wasn’t enough colorful and shiny. He decided to personalized his car based on a new abstract machine model he invented following specific rules :